Wine color living room curtains | Ultimate Guide 2023

Add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your living room with wine-colored curtains. Explore our collection of wine-colored curtains that are sure to complement any decor style and add a warm, cozy ambiance to your living space.

Wine color living room curtains | Ultimate Guide

No doubt interior designing is wholly dependent on maintaining aesthetics. And by maintaining aesthetics we don’t mean going for those black, white, and gold hues. Because why stick to the traditional and old-fashioned stuff when you can do everything with a twist? The color palette for your house décor is totally dependent on your choice which means you can even go for wild color combinations and do what makes you happy. 

Are you also thinking to get out of the dull and lentils atmosphere of your house and want to give a makeover to your living room? Then why not go and accomplish this mission in a unique way? Why go for black, and brown shades when you can go for mouth-watering wine color hues for your living room? 

Importance of color theme in decorative transformation

Wine color living room curtains | Importance of color theme

Let us tell you that if you want to uplift the look of any area of your house instead of spending much on embellishments and decorative items try to choose the color theme and combinations wisely. Color is something that will change the whole outlook and plays the main role in maintaining the calamity of the environment. 

If you’re looking for inspiration to complement your wine-colored living room curtains, you may find these rustic curtains for living room a great option to add a cozy touch to your space.

Well, there are some sharp colors that may not suit your place or may look unpleasant to sight but some colors are there that cannot give a regal look to your living room but will also play a main role in uplifting your mood and put a good impact on your mental condition, i.e., burgundy or wine color. 

What are the points you have to keep in mind if you choose a wine color living room color theme?

If you have finally decided to get a royal wine color decor in your living room then you have to keep some points in mind like never go for a whole wine color spread in your living room it will surely give an ugly feel and may cause you to puke upon seeing wine and wine and wine everywhere. 

The perfect way to adopt this color theme is to go for some unique and cool color combinations. 

What are the good color combinations with wine colors?

What are the good color combinations with wine colors?

If you are looking for a decent color combination with wine color then try to go for that color that lies on the totally opposite pole of the color palette. Never mix it with red and orange shades as it will steal the charm of your décor or will make to look unpleasant. 

For example, going for yellow, green, and light blue can be a good idea. If you are going for burgundy or wine color curtains then getting a blue or yellow couch for your living room can be a good idea. This will make your living room look even more spacious and aesthetic. 

Other than this if you want to give a full royal feel to your living room then there will be no good combination than golden or dull gold color. We would recommend you to go for the curtains with golden embellishments and then the furniture should also be in golden color. This means you will have to look into the antique furniture piece and the curtains too. Other than this, the centerpieces and the rugs should also be in the range of golden shades. 

Where wine color is not recommended? 

  • If there is a toddler or a baby in your house

Undoubtedly, wine color is a great option for a newlywed couple, for bachelors, for all girls place but there are some places where you can’t go for wine color as it may not suit you. You, must be wondering what we are talking about right? Let us tell you that if you have small babies or toddlers then going for a burgundy décor in your living room is not a good idea at all. 

The reason behind this is that wine color comes with a huge influx of wild red color that may cause discomfort for your babies. As it is a sharp color so babies don’t feel calm in such an environment. 

  • Light and space

If you own a small apartment that lacks natural light then adopting a wine-color theme will only make your living room suffocating and a depressing atmosphere. Still, if you are a huge fan of wine color and want to adopt this theme at any cost then we will recommend you to go for the curtains with only wine color straps the rest of the color should be a light and refreshing color. 

If your background walls color is dark

What are the good color combinations with wine colors? In wine color living room

Wine color curtains will only suit the whole décor of your room if your walls are painted in pastel colors. As wine color lies on the darker side and when it intermixes with the dark color background it will give an overall messy look. So if you are going to buy burgundy curtains for your living room then try to change the wall color into pastel shades first.

How to choose the type of curtains for your living room?

When choosing the curtains first of all you have to look for the function of the curtains. If you want to get curtains for decoration then going for organza or net curtains will be enough. In such a case color is not an issue; you can go for any dark or light color. This means you can go for the wine color easily. 

But if the case is different and you want to get curtains or drapes to control the amount of heat and light entering your living room then you will have to keep all of the small details in mind. Try to look for a good and thick wine color fabric as it will keep your privacy locked and keep prying eyes away. 


If you want to give a royal look to your living room then there is nothing better than going for a good wine color décor. Even when you are not a landlord or a business tycoon but want some royal feel in your living room then simply go for a burgundy makeover. There is no need of getting expensive decorative items all thanks to the power of this color. We hope we remained successful in answering all of your queries about wine color of the living room curtains. 

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