10 Best Inversion Table For Lower Back Pain Reviews 2023

Are you searching for the best inversion table for lower back pain? You are always susceptible to getting back pain regardless of which age group you belong to, and your sciatic nerve is always likely to get compromised. What will be the very first thing that will come to your mind after getting sciatica or ordinary back pain? Going to a physician, getting painkillers, or applying a muscle relaxant, right? No doubt all of these remedies are on point, but how about getting a permanent and reliable solution for your back pain?

Yes, now it is possible only if you successfully get good quality and the best inversion table. You might not be familiar with the hidden benefits of getting an inversion table, but trust me, it can be the best companion to fight the oldest back pains. All you need is to make a wise choice and get a table with added comfort and functionality. An all-rounder inversion table means having good ankle locks, good weight-bearing capacity, and easy to store.

Down here, you will come across an extensive list of the all-rounder and the best inversion tables for lower back pain to add to your home gym. Don’t break the flow, and keep on reading.

1.  Body Vision IT9550 Deluxe Inversion Table

Body Vision IT9550 Deluxe Inversion Table

There is no better option than the Body Vision deluxe inversion table in the market when it comes to inversion therapy tables. The stunning outlook and exclusive upholstery of this inversion table contribute to making it an all-rounder table. Now you can adjust or remove the headrest according to your comfort and preference.

The hard and sturdy construction of this table also contributes to declaring it as one of the best inversion tables on our list. In addition to this, the size is just right to fix in the smallest of spaces. You can adjust or remove the lumbar support to keep yourself safe from muscle soreness.

Furthermore, the sur-lock and ankle supports are exceptionally durable. And the four adjustable high-density foam leg rollers are also there to support and prevent calf pinching. With exercise and fitness options and multiple color options, this is just the product for you.

Available in three colorsToo much wiggle is not supported due to the slippery surface.
Sturdy construction
Ankle supports
Calf support rollers




Innova Health and fitness once again remained successful in gaining the spotlight, thanks to the patented straps and six-point adjustable pin system. This inversion table can provide extra support and comfort to your legs, feet, and back. Due to its patented straps, you can easily adjust your inverted position, and the chances of falling are reduced to a minimum.

The overall ergonomic construction, including the sturdy ankle support system, is there to let you invert yourself easily. You will need the minimum time ever to adapt to this inversion table. Overall, upholstery and padding are to die for. You can adjust the backrest according to your height and comfortable position.

Now comes the weight-bearing capacity of this inversion table that will amaze you distinctively. Yes, you heard that right; this table supports more than 300 lbs and still stays intact. Stop thinking and get this chair at once.

Advantages Disadvantages
True balance systemRelatively heavier
Patented straps
Great weight-bearing capacity
Ergonomic design

3.  Innova Inversion Table with Adjustable Headrest

Innova Inversion Table with Adjustable Headrest


Innova presents you with the best inversion table for lower back pain with the longer and most sturdy ankle knob-holding system ever. This table will not only reduce your back pain but will help you correct your posture to a great scale. Thanks to its six-position pin system, you can adjust according to your preferences. Now you don’t have to experience unexpected falls.

The patented protective cover of this inversion table allows the users to adjust with different positions and still stay safe from mishaps like inverted falls and breaking back or neck. And guess what? Now you can invert yourself in the very first attempt.

In addition to this, another fantastic feature of this inversion table is the rue balance system to lets the users adapt to it easily. When it comes to the construction of his inversion table, you will be shunned by its sturdy and ergonomic design with durable ankle supports.

Trade Offs
Sturdy constructionA bit tricky to assembly
True balance system
Patented cover

4.  Teeter EP-560 Ltd. Inversion Table

 Teeter EP-560 Ltd. Inversion Table


Acupressure nodes and the added comfort associated with this inversion table are enough to grab maximum traffic to its way. Also, teeter is the only FDA registered able o help its users to fight the oldest of back pains. No matter you are suffering from a hernia, muscle soreness, sciatica, or any sort of back pain, the ergonomically constructed inversion table will do miracles for you.

A lumbar bridge added to this inversion table is the plus point to reduce all sorts of back pains. Moreover, a patented strap is also there to prevent mishaps like back falling or slipping during inversion therapy. The bed is fully contoured, and now you can even flex it in uncomforting situations. Sounds interesting, right?

High-grade and reliable materials are used in the construction of this exceptional quality inversion table. While keeping the cam locks, auto-lock hinges, and pivot bearings in mind, we would say just go for this product at once.   

Benefits Drawbacks
High-grade constructionNo extended handle system
FDA approved
Comfort and added support
Acupressure nodes

5.  Health Gear ITM5500 Advanced Technology Inversion Table 

Health Gear ITM5500 Advanced Technology Inversion Table 


Health gear advanced technology is undoubtedly one of the best and most ergonomically built inversion tables on our list. It will show you the noticeable results in the betterment of your back pain, all thanks to its 4-inch memory foam style backrest. It will provide extra contour to your back and neck muscles.

Guess what? This inversion table stands at the top of our list because of its unique and modernized back heating capability. Not only this, but the vibration pad is also there. You can control both of these features by pressing a remote button.

The ankle support is extra reliable with the easy in and out sur-lock. High-density foam rollers are also there to prevent or eliminate calf pinching. You can also adjust the height of this table according to your comfort or height. You can store this table in the minimum space due o its foldable nature. 

Upsides Downsides
Reliable ankle supportThe overall look needs modification
Heating and vibration features
Sturdy construction

6.  Teeter FitSpine LX9 Inversion Table

Teeter FitSpine LX9 Inversion Table


If you are looking for a reliable and premium quality inversion table, then there is nothing better than teeter fit spine inversion table. Thanks o its arched frame and the overall ergonomic design, you can mount on it with great ease. Similarly, inversion is exceptionally straightforward on this inversion table. You can check our best review article 5 best living room chairs for neck pain.

High gauge heat-treated steel is used in the construction of this inversion table and is FDA approved. And the added lumbar bridge contributes to maintaining your posture in different inverted positions.

Store this caddy and easy-to-store inversion table in minimal spaces like your storeroom as well. So what are you waiting for? Get this inversion table instantly.

Assets Liabilities
Durable constructionNothing that we could find
Added lumbar bridge
Easy to store
Five years warranty

7.    IRONMAN Gravity Highest Weight Capacity Inversion Tab

IRONMAN Gravity Highest Weight Capacity Inversion Tab


Just like its name, the iron man inversion table is hard as a rock; thanks to its ergonomic and durable construction, it will stay with you for years and years long. Airsoft ankle supports are there to ensure your safety and comfort at the same time. These straps are to secure and prevent you from falling and pinches.

Memory foam vinyl-covered back seat or bed of this table is promising to provide extra comfort during inversion therapeutic exercise and reduce the oldest of back pains. And the palm-activated sur-lock system ensures your safety during multiple inversion angles.

If we keep its 35o lbs weight-bearing capacity and exemplary dimension in mind, it is a must to buy the product.

Adequate dimensionsIt is risky for upright positions.
Memory foam backstitching
Fine design
Great weight-bearing capacity

8.  INNOVA HEALTH ITM4800 Advanced Heat and Massage Inversion Table

INNOVA HEALTH ITM4800 Advanced Heat and Massage Inversion Table


Having an inversion table with heating and vibration features can be a great point in reducing or curing your sciatica or back pain. It will not only give you a therapeutic massage but will fix your posture to a great scale. Added lumbar pad is there to provide maximum back support.

An adjustable pin system with six significant positions is there to keep you protected and safe during multiple inverted positions. You can adjust the headrest and backrest according to your preferences.

With zero worries, more than 300lbs weight-bearing capacity will let you position yourself on this table. What else do you need to listen to to get convinced?

Opportunities Obstacles
Ergonomic designThe bed is not flexible.
Great weight-bearing capacity
Lumbar pad
Heating and vibration supported

9. EXERPEUTIC Inversion Table with AIRSOFT

EXERPEUTIC Inversion Table with AIRSOFT


If you want to get yourself an inversion table to get the worth for every penny, then just go for this unique yet reliable inversion table at once. It contains the lumbar support combined with an additional feature, i.e., heating and vibration therapy, for quick back pain recovery and muscle soreness.

Ultra-soft ankle supports are there to prevent ankle pinching and keep you safe from mishaps and falls. Moreover, three-angle crossbars are also there to help you maintain multiple inversion angles.

The soft foam backrest and the foam-filled handles are there to provide you with unbelievable comfort during therapeutic sessions. So stop wasting your time and get this table instantly.

Strengths Weaknesses
Great for sensitive backsThe frame needs more refinement
Gorgeous design
Extra supportive
Added vibration and heating

10. Exerpeutic 975SL All Inclusive Heavy Duty


 Exerpeutic 975SL All Inclusive Heavy Duty


Are you in search of an inversion table with airsoft ankle supports? Then stop searching because you have got your hands on the absolutely right product. A therapeutic table with ideal dimensions and exceptionally sturdy construction is now in your approach. Uniquely designed patented handles are there instead of delicate straps. You can adjust yourself on the very first attempt.

Similarly, the additional floor grips are there to support movements and wiggling, and still, the table will stay intact in its place. Invert yourself in the first attempt and stay safe from the outward falls.

Now you can adjust yourself at different and diverse angles thanks to the disk brake systems, which will lock and unlock easily at infinite inverting angles. So, stop wasting any further time and get this amazing inversion table at once.

High weight capacityThe floor rest may pop out.
Innovative design
Rubber floor grips
Infinite inverting angles

Buying Guide for the Best inversion table for lower back pain

Before buying an inversion table for reducing back pain, here are some important factors you need to keep on top. Give them a thorough read before you head towards the market.

Construction and durability

If you want to stay safe from falling and breaking your neck or back, always try for a reliable and strongly built inversion table. An ideal and strongly built inversion table must have suitable ankle supports, durable beds, and proper neck support.

Heat and vibration

New coming and modernized inversion tables for low back and muscle pain come with additional features like heat and vibration to enhance recovery and help relieve fatigued muscles even faster.

Lumbar pillow

This is a feature that should never be overlooked. It is the part to give proper support to your lumbar spine. Always try to invest in a table with an adjustable lumbar pillow. An adjustable lumbar pillow means you can adjust it according to your body alignment and comfort.

These must be fully considered. Other factors depend upon your personal preferences and the table brand you are going to invest in.


1.   Should I go for an inversion table if I am pregnant?

For pregnant ladies getting back pain is common. However, if you want to invert, it is suggested to consult your doctor and ask if it is okay or not.

2.   What are the marked benefits of an inversion table?

A good quality inversion table promises to provide you with joint pain relief, muscle pain relief, and back pain. It also improves blood circulation but always try to use this table while keeping the necessary precautionary measures.


Enough of stuffing your head with the features of different models of inversion tables. Now is the time to come in action and make a wiser choice to get an all-rounder product. Don’t forget to keep our detailed buying guide under consideration.

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