Discover the Best Rustic Curtains for Living Room | Get a Cozy & Charming

Discover the Best Rustic Curtains for Living Room | Get a Cozy & Charming

Create a warm and inviting living room with rustic curtains that add a touch of charm to your space. Our collection of rustic curtains includes various designs and colors, making it easy to find the perfect complement to your decor style. Discover the rustic curtains that are perfect for your living room today.

Rugged, distressed, and wooden hues are the hallmarks of a rustic living room. So, if you are going to adopt this theme then you have to make sure that we are getting everything that lies within this range. Rather it is the furniture, throw pillows, the rugs, or the curtains everything should synchronize.

You can go for barn wood furniture, with rustic metal legs and can go for the sectional throw blankets and pillows wrapped in a rustic brown color. But what about the curtains? Generally, curtains are overlooked by people. But you need to understand that curtains are an integral part of any area. This means you have to give special importance to this part as well. 

Well, in a rustic living room decor, the curtains can be solid or textured depending on your preferences. You can put motifs and plaids all according to your choice and creative sense. And trust me each of these steps will for sure give an ultimate twist to the whole rustic decor of your living room. Let us guide you about the options you have got to install new curtains to the windows and walls of your rustic-themed living room.  Here it beings from the next line. 

Discover the Best Rustic Curtains for Living Room | Get a Cozy

For centuries this is a tradition that we are using curtains, drapes, blinds, and what not to maintain privacy and decorate our windows. But with passing time curtains are more likely to be used as a trend or to maintain aesthetics than used to maintain privacy or block the sun.

Because of this trend, people started bringing new trends and styles in curtains. This means by now you can get hundreds of designs and prints in the range of curtains no matter if it is in rustic color or some other pastel palette. So, let’s take a look what are the options that we have in the range of curtains. 

Curtain Types and styles

  • Curtains

Curtains and drapes come in a variety of styles and designs but you have to make a wiser choice among all of the available designs. Your decision should be based on the location and size of your windows. Also, the size of your room is the factor based upon which you make any decision. 

If you own a cozy living room with small windows then going for the single curtain panels is a good idea. These panels are quite easy to install and are cheaper as compared to custom-made drapes or curtains. 

You can also go for the double panel curtains to create good symmetry in your room. Usually, in this case, you will have to choose both panels in contrasting colors. It will give a good boost to your décor with a triple fold. 

If you can add a twist of frills and others details then trust me it will act as icing to your cupcake. So, go on with some flares and frills to your rustic shade curtains. 

  • Drapes

Conversely, if your living room is a huge area with long and exposed windows then going for rustic drapes is the best idea. But keep one thing in mind you will have to keep your budget in mind while buying drapes as they lie in an expensive price range. 

Also, drapes will block maximum heat and sun coming from your windows. Plus, they will give you extra privacy as drapes are made using a thicker fabric that is never see-through. 

Another benefit that you will get in the range of drapes is that you will get to choose from different types of drapes all according to your likeability and preference.

Drapes are distinguished from one type to another based on the pleats they have. Pleats on the curtains are usually there to give grace and volume to the drapes. Let’s see what are the different types of pleats that you will come across in the range of drapes after that we will see what are the types of drapes. 

Different types of pleats on curtains and drapes

Tailored pleats are there because of the stitching that is strictly placed by your tailor or the manufacturer of the curtains. 

Ripple folds or pleats are usually seen on curtains or drapes with specific hooks on their header. 

The Pinch pleat is again made using a specifically tailored pattern. It is basically smaller than that tailored pleats. 

An inverted pleat is observed on the drapes that are folded into a specific pattern. 

Cubicle pleats are obtained after we hang our curtain or drape with the help of fabric hooks placed on the header of the curtains. 

Rod pocket pleats are also an option in this type the original panel of the drape or curtain is folded from one side to stitch a straight pocket. Once the pocket is obtained the rod is passed from that pocket which will in turn give multiple pleats. 

Goblet and grommet-type pleats are obtained in the curtains that are hung by using specific O rings. No matter whether the O rings are impregnated in the curtain fabric or held in place separately they will give a good grace to the overall curtain panel. 

Types of drapes mostly in use

Now depending upon the pattern of pleats drapes are distinguished into different types that we are going to mention here. The following types of drapes are usually preferred by people for their living rooms. 

  • Drapes that hold panels with rings. These are usually easy to operate and hang. 
  • Rod pocket panel drapes are usually difficult to open and close if the pocket is tight on the rod. 
  • Tab- top panels drapes.
  • Hook-operated drapes. You will have to place one part of the hook into your curtain and the other one into the reeling. 
Rustic curtains for living room

What are the fabric options when we are going to get rustic curtains for our living room?

Curtains fabric is strictly divided into two parts, thick and thin. Now both of these categories are subdivided into several types of fabrics. But when choosing the fabric of your curtains you will have to keep the area of the placement in mind. You can check our top most viewed wine curtains living room article.

If your window is too exposed to heat and sun then we will prefer you to go for a thick fabric curtain. Whereas if the curtain is only for decorative purposes then fabric like organza and net can also do fine. 

Here are some of the fabric options that you can consider while choosing your rustic curtains for the living room window. 

  • Sheers
  • Organza
  • Net
  • Silk
  • Cotton
  • Linen
  • Velvet

What are the steps that I can take to enhance the overall look of my rustic drapes or curtains?

There are hundreds of ways to uplift the outlook of your living room but nothing can beat getting a good set of curtains for your place. But is there something that can enhance the look of your simple curtains? Yes, of course, it is. You can simply accessorize your simple curtains. Here are some of the curtain accessories that you can get easily from your nearby curtain merchant. 

  • Go for the unique and rustic curtain pipe finials. It will add a twist of royalty to your living room.  
  • Getting some matching tiebacks can do absolute justice to the whole look of your newly bought curtains. Also, if you will go for a fancy tie back it will definitely give a designer look to your curtains. 
  • You can go for the contrast ties of your curtains so that it gives a unique look to the overall living room décor. 
  • Getting curtain buckles is another option. You can get them into certain designs no matter with beads or motifs, whatever you want. 
What are the steps that I can take to enhance the overall look of my rustic drapes or curtains?

The points you need to keep in mind while getting rustic curtains

  • Always consider the size of your living room and the location of your windows. 
  • You will have to keep the color of your curtains rhyming with the rest of your living room furniture otherwise the curtains will give an odd look. 
  • If your living room is congested or full of furniture then going for a rustic curtain will not complement much or will not radiate positive energy. 
  • Choose the fabric of your curtains wisely.
  • Never spend too much on getting your curtains
  • Always get the curtains after measuring the length of your windows. 


Finally, all things are considered, and now is the time to wrap this all up. We think that in light of our directions and tips, you can easily pursue your idea of getting rustic curtains into your living room. But remember rustic curtains are not the last option on the globe to go for. Still, if you are confused about whether to get this color or not then you can consider any other color out there.

All you have to do is to choose the fabric and the type of curtains wisely. Secondly, never forget to mix and match the colors of your furniture and curtains. Best of luck with your new living room decor.  

What are the steps that I can take to enhance the overall look of my rustic

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