10 Best Leather Swivel Chairs for Living Rooms – Reviews 2023

Let’s update the whole outlook of your living room just with the addition of a single leather chair. Yes, it is possible. Leather furniture is something that will never disappoint you by any means. Everything about leather furniture is terrific, starting from its outlook and going to the long life.

Not only this, but the comfort level that comes with the leather chair is also priceless. Have you ever thought of getting a leather chair that can also swivel up to 360 degrees? This means style, comfort, and console summed up.

Yes, you heard that right. Let’s open up a bit more. A leather swivel chair in your living room means you no more have to hang on a rigid chair all weekend and end up getting sore muscles. Now you can enjoy your work and stay fatigue-free even after hours of working or reading in your living room.

But for this, you will have to make a wiser choice and get yourself a chair with good built quality and nice back contour. Here in this article, you can find one of the best leather swivel chairs.

Don’t stop and keep on reading; you will end up getting a product that will be your favorite.

1. Nouhaus Classic Massage Chair

Nouhaus Classic Massage Chair

An award-winning leather swivel chair is here at your service that will not only compliment the overall look of your living room but will melt all of your tension in minutes. This is not an ordinary chair as it also provides full body massage to soothe your sore body muscles. From a small child to your obese granny every one can vibe on this chair, thanks to its 250lbs weight-bearing capacity.

The chrome base of this chair is enough to ensure the long life of this robust chair. Also, the genuine ottoman white leather covering gives it a royal feel. Moreover, 15 degrees reclining and 90 degrees swivel mean your back is never going to hurt by now. So what is stopping you from getting this easy to assemble chair with a separate footrest? If you would like to 21 best living room chairs for back pain, lower back, bad back, and neck pain chairs click here.

Advantages Disadvantages
Robust quality builtThe shoulder area may feel rigid.
Separate footrest
Classic massager
Auto programming

2. Rocket Rivera Black Swivel Accent Chair

Rocket Rivera Black Swivel Accent Chair

Black faux leather-made swivel chair for your living room is here to amaze you with every passing day. Thanks to the fantastic quality built and the perfect outlook that it remained successful in amazing maximum public. You will be stunned upon knowing that because of its outstanding features and added comfort, it is rated 5 out of 5 stars. Sound awe-inspiring, right?

The thick back seat and arm padding mean your back muscles will get a good contour, and fatigue will stay away. Luckily, no assembly is required with this unique and outstanding swivel chair for your living room. Plus, you don’t have to worry about water splashes or food stains because it comes with spot clean nature. Overall, this chair is a must to buy the product.

Assets Liabilities
Spot clean natureNothing that we could found
Great outlook
No assembly required

3.  Flash Furniture Contemporary Adjustable Recliner


Flash Furniture Contemporary Adjustable Recliner

Flash furniture always amazes its customers by producing amazing products, but this time you will stay stunned by coming across this unique swivel chair with a footrest. Believe it or not, this chair is the best addition to everyone’s living room. Just buy it and set it in your preferred corner; you don’t have to work on its assembly. Also, it has up to 300lbs capacity that means anyone can sit on this chair.

Now comes the upholstery, which will make you wonder how something can be that perfect. Yes, you heard that right. Brown faux leather is used to cover the whole surface, and thick padding is also induced. And the maple wood base is enough to declare this chair as a robust product. Collectively, this chair gives you top-notch levels of comfort. So stop looking here and there go for this spot-clean chair instantly.

Costs Benefits
Unique outlookThe base is made up of pure, fragile wood
Adaptable design
Rigid built
Extra thick padding

4.  Stone & Beam Ruzanna Nailhead Leather Glider

Stone & Beam Ruzanna Nailhead Leather Glider

A loveable and unique leather glider can do wonders in your living room. And when it is a product of Ruzanna, then you don’t have to worry about the style and robustness at all. This dark coffee brown swivel chair comes with a great outlook and is fully wrapped in rich leather fabric. After that, it is completely tufted using brushed nickel nails. Now you don’t have to worry about coffee stains or water splashes because it offers easy cleaning. Learn more about the best recliners under $300.

You don’t have to worry about the assembly at all because it comes fully set. You only have to choose a right corner and style it in your living room. Say goodbye to the back muscles cramps because of the 360-degree swivel nature of this outstanding chair of all time. On the whole, we will say this chair can do wonders with your back pain.

For Against
Nicely tuftedNo separate footrest
Great outlook
Easy cleaning
Three years warranty

5.  Christopher Knight Home Cecilia Swivel Chair with Loose Cover

Christopher Knight Home Cecilia Swivel Chair with Loose Cover

If you are looking for the top-rated yet one of the best leather swivel chairs for the living room, then you are absolutely at the right thing. This chair is an outstanding product to add glam to your living room. Not only this, but its perfect ergonomics are capable of taking away all of your back and neck pains. It rotates 360 degrees that means you can work and move here and there without standing up again and again.

The iron base means it can bear maximum weight and stay with you for years and years. Easy to clean nature means you can vibe on this chair and have your favorite snack simultaneously. Everything about this swivel chair is perfect, from the craftsmanship and ending to the comfort levels. Best living room chairs for neck pain reviews and buying guide learn more.

Gains Losses
Added comfortVisible feet out of leather covering
Easy to clean
Appealing outlook
No assembly required

6. Flash Furniture Black Leather Soft Swivel Cocoon Chair

Flash Furniture Black Leather Soft Swivel Cocoon Chair

Being fond of vintage furniture, you really need to have a look at this vintage-modern chair. This outstanding scooped chair is one of its kind—the deep seat and wide back pair up to give the user additional comfort and back contour. Whether you are using this chair for gaming or reading books, your muscles will never feel sore.

360 swivel seat means you can revolve all around and can reach everything from your surroundings. You don’t have to worry about cleaning this chair as it is fully upholstered with black leather, which is extremely easy to clean. It is manufactured using top-quality products, so you don’t have to worry about the long life of this chair. Are you searching for the best reclining sofas under $500?

Opportunities Obstacles
Ergonomic designSome people found it less comfortable as compared to other models
Built-in lumbar support
Easy to clean
Different color options

7.  Eurotech Seating Ergohuman High Back Leather Swivel Chair

Eurotech Seating Ergohuman High Back Leather Swivel Chair

If you are fed up with hanging on your living room couch and every day back sore muscles, then this is the time to switch to one of the best leather swivel chairs for the living room. Euro Tech presents one of the most amazing and comforting chairs for your living room. It comes with a promising tilt tension control feature which means the time has come to say goodbye to your old back pain. Along with this, the back angle adjustment is also added to take extra care of your lumbar spine.

The durable quality leather seat is fully adjustable according to your height. Revolve around 360 angles and grab all of your stuff while sitting. So, what are you waiting for? Get this robust yet stylish chair for your living room instantly.

Strengths Weaknesses
Adequate dimensionsA bit tricky adjustment
Amazing design
Back support
Tilt tension control

8.  GM Seating Ergolux Genuine Leather Executive Hi Swivel Chair

 GM Seating Ergolux Genuine Leather Executive Hi Swivel Chair

Having a genuine leather swivel chair in your living room is no less than treating yourself. Especially when the seat comes with tilt tension and adjustable seat slide. GM seating provides you with an all-rounder living room chair that has a lumbar support system to keep your back protected from all sorts of pain and pressure. 10 best desk chairs under $100 you can check here.

Luckily the headrest and 3D armrests are there to make your life even more accessible. Now you can watch movies, play games, read books, and so what not while sitting on this revolving leather chair. So stop looking for better options and get this chair with a five-year warranty.

Positives Negatives
Rigid constructionNo proper footrest
Lumbar support system
Adjustable headrest

9.  Keller Scarlet Red Bonded Leather Swivel Club Chair

Keller Scarlet Red Bonded Leather Swivel Club Chair

Keller scarlet offers an overall unique and good-looking red leather swivel chair. This chair can change the complete outlook of your living room and can reflect your aesthetic styling sense upon your visitors. The style and the comfort levels associated with this swivel chair are outstanding.

Soft and supple leather covering assisted with ultra-soft and plush stuffing means you will never get back fatigued or feel tired even after long hours of gaming. And guess what? Even if you live in a small apartment, this chair will fit in a small corner with great perfection. So get your hands on this stylish swivel chair instantly.

Benefits Disadvantages
Moderately firmNothing that we could found
Great for sensitive backs
Gorgeous design
Easy to clean

10. Kyle Ruby Red Faux Leather Ottoman and Swiveling Recliner

Kyle Ruby Red Faux Leather Ottoman and Swiveling Recliner

Do you have a great sense of styling, and now you are looking for a unique and eye-catching swivel chair for your living room? Then this ruby red leather chair will be the best option to go for. Guess what? This chair can amaze its users with its outstanding upholstery combined with the walnut wood base. Along with this, the robust base allows 300lbs weight, which is stupendous in our view.

By a wide seating area, we mean you will never get tired of sitting on this ultra-comfy leather chair. Move here and there up to 360 degrees and say goodbye to muscle cramps by getting this ideally ergonomic swivel chair.

High weight capacityBack height is not adjustable
Easy to clean
Innovative walnut frame

Best leather swivel chairs for living room- A complete buying Guide

In order to get total money worth for a swivel chair, you need to make a wiser choice. Here are some of the points that you need to keep in consideration while choosing a leather swivel chair for your living room.

Adjustable height

Not everyone in your house is of the same height; that’s why getting an adjustable-height swivel chair can be the best idea. By getting one, none of your family members will get fatigued after sitting on the chair for an hour or two. 


Well, budget is something that should not be overlooked; that’s why, whenever you plan to buy something, always keep your budget as the top priority. Similarly, try to prefer a chair with unique features that lies within your range.

Good backrest and arm support

Any gear in your living room is meant to rest comfortably, right? That’s why always go for a product that lies on top in means of comfort. Try to look for the padding and contour level a swivel chair is providing. Moreover, good quality padded armrests in a swivel chair mean your arm muscles are safe from fatigue and soreness even after hours of rest on your swivel chair.

Try to keep these points at the top of your preference list whenever you head towards buying a swivel chair for your living room. And then it’s promising that the product you are going to buy will give you full money worth.


1. To what angle do swivel chairs rotate?

Typically, a good swivel chair allows you to revolve around up to a 360-degree angle. While sitting, you can easily rotate 180 degrees left and 180 degrees right.

2. Are swivel chairs extra comforting?

Yes, they are. As Swivel chairs provide extra movements as compared to a fixed chair, this means you need to get a swivel chair specifically if you are suffering from back pain. By getting one, you will no longer have to twist and turn awkwardly.


Want to add an overall aesthetic look and soothe to your living room? Then look at this extensive list of leather swivel chairs and get one for yourself without wasting further time.

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