How To Decorate A Large Wall In Living Room | Powerful Ideas

If you are searching for how to decorate a large wall in the living room? Then you are at the right place. Your living room is the place where you host all sorts of activities, and almost everyone spends most of their time in the bedroom or the living room. No matter whether you have to watch TV or have to play games, or have to read books, the living room is a go-to place in every house. So don’t you think that your living room needs to be a little extra trendy and alluring?

The most notice-worthy thing; is the large front wall of your living room. Just have a look at that and try to evaluate what is lacking in it. Once you are done with the analysis, then jump towards renewal or a re-decor plan. Just think about what type of vibes you want from the front wall of your living room. Based on this point, you can jump towards the final or preparatory step of your living room makeover.

Just look at some of the tips that may give you an answer on how to decorate a large wall in the living room and how to grab the attention of every visitor.

How To Decorate A Large Wall In Living Room | Powerful Ideas
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Large wall decoration ideas

The largest wall of your living room can be decorated in hundreds of ways. The final outlook is totally dependent on the style and theme that you want to create. Here are some of the ideas from which you can choose one as a reference.

Make it a gallery Large wall in the living room

Make it a gallery Large wall in the living room

The most economical yet fantastic idea is to make your living room’s largest wall a photo gallery. This will not demand a considerable amount of money but will give you a fantastic final outlook. You can add all of your precious memories to the front wall. By doing so, every time passing by, you can recall a precious moment after looking at those pictures. What can be more beautiful than that?

Not only this, but this living room picture wall will also reflect an aesthetic and stylish sense of decoration to your visitors. On the whole, we can say that you can get multiple perks without spending a lot by going for this decoration idea.

Make it your gaming platform or cinema

If you are a gaming enthusiast or love to binge-watch seasons, then you can add your TV and all of the other essentials to the largest wall of your living room. Not only the TV but besides this, you can also add some other decoration essentials to give it a complete and amazing outlook.

Try to place the large flower vases or the living room decoration accessories in the areas beside your TV screen. Plus, you can also add LED lights in the surrounding of your TV so that you may get the complete feel of a dim light cinema hall while sitting in your own living room.

Go for the mirror art

Mirror at large wall in livingroom
Go for the mirror art | Mirror art

Another mesmerizing idea for your living room’s large wall can be mirror art or something. This idea is specifically applicable to those who are having an artistic sense in styling and loves to put effort into small and miniature art by living room decoration DIY.

You can for symmetrical mirror work or plane mirror work that will change the outlook of your living room as a whole. Moreover, it will give you a feeling of a bright and wider living room than before. Along with this, you can add a long mirror with added LEDs that will be of significant importance to check out your OOTD every time.

Give it a whole library outlook.

Are you a person whose first love is books and journals? Then you must have always longed to get a library at your doorstep, right? No more unfulfilled wishes because you can convert your own living room into a library by just spending some amount combined with your efforts.

Just get a carpenter and ask him to make all of the suitable shelves for the largest wall of your living room. Once the shelves are done, you have to take all of your previous book collections and arrange them neatly and symmetrically. You can also go for a newer group of books and journals. It’s all about you and what you want to add to your library.


Suppose you are sick of your old and boring living room wall and want a twist but are short on budget at the same time to hire an interior designer, then no need to overthink because you have got a sharp and wonderful mind that you can get all that you ever wanted.

Just upon reading our detailed article, you will come to know how to decorate a large wall in the living room. Just keep one thing in mind whatever you are going for doesn’t need to be expensive to be fabulous, but the aesthetic sense will make a statement.

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