10 Best Light Bulbs For Living Room in 2023 | Reviews with Guide

Light bulbs are a very important accessory and small electronic of your home, including living room, kitchens, bathrooms, etc. but one question arises here, Which type of light bulb? Is it suitable for you or not? Should you prefer LEDs, CFLs, or incandescent bulbs?

The question of all these questions you find here, this article will help you in choosing the best light bulbs for the living room, not only about the most appropriate one but also about the quality.

Basically, light bulbs are the essence of our homes, including living rooms but on the other hand, they also affect the circadian rhythm and are responsible for comfortable sleep. If it is super bright, it will produce serotonin in place of melatonin and bring discomfort. So, choose and purchase your light bulbs for the living room properly.

1. SYLVANIA LED A19 Light Bulb

SYLVANIA LED A19 Best Light Bulbs For Living Room

This an LED bulb of great quality, it comes in soft as well as a little bit of warm texture. It utilized 60 watts of energy to brighten up the room. Blue-colored Sylvania bulbs are the best choice if you want a warmer color of light in your room and their white variety is just like a Daylight bulb in your living room.

If you hate white bright you should order its blue variety as it is good and much better than CFLs. It can be used in living lamps, fan fixtures, etc.

More energy efficient.It is quite expensive.
Comes in both warmer and soft colors.
Its lifespan is good of 7 years.

2. LED Ceiling Fan Light Bulbs, Comzler A15

LED Ceiling Fan Light Bulbs, Comzler A15

Comzler brand manufactured this bulb, It is an LED bulb with a long-lasting lifetime, its average life is 30,000 hours, and it uses 6 watts of energy which is truly the most efficient. Moreover, it has a diameter of E 12’’ fixture that it can fit into any holder of E 12’’.

It is not the dimmable bulb and comes in a pack of six. It is easy to install and has a color-referring index, which means that through its white bright light, we can easily brighten the color of our homes.

Energy Efficient.It doesn’t fit into traditional fixtures and holders.
Easy to install.
More advanced.
Reliable and has long life span than halogens and incandescent bulbs.

3. Modern 4-Light Track Lighting Kit, Flush Mount Wall/Ceiling

Modern 4-Light Track Lighting Kit, Flush Mount Wall/Ceiling

It produces cool white light of 6500 K along with the use of few watts, it is arranged into different parts that on arrival you have to fix out according to the given instructions. It adds class to the room and brings a bright whole classical look to the room. It is LED-based and is the most energy-efficient, is that it is also not heat-producing.

Its head is rotatable and flexible, 4 light bulbs are arranged in a chain and have a focused light tracking beam, through which it brings a clear, great, white look to the living room.  All these features make it suitable as the best light bulb for the living room. One should shop for LEDs of this type.

Energy Efficient.Require space.
Have flexible and rotatable heads.It is packaged in different parts, for a few it sounds annoying.
On a low budget, it is the best option to deal with, is that good product against small money.
Easy to install, and more durable

4. Great Eagle A19 LED Light Bulb

Great Eagle A19 LED Light Bulb

It has no mercury or other material that can be shattered, it has warm white 3000 K light. It brings an 85% reduction in energy needs. It is not dimmable and it does not produce heat. Its leading-edge compact design makes it fall in a strong variety of bulbs.

It is suitable for almost every type of holder. It brings a great bright look and is suitable for almost every type of room, kitchen, house, museum, theatre, etc. Indeed it is a good choice to go with case of a low budget. It brings a classy look to the home and makes it super bright.

Energy savings up to 80%.Packaging is poor.
Shatter resistant.Wiring and blinking problems may arise.
Shock and vibration resistant.
Most durable LED light.
Not heat-producing.
UL listed.

5. Vintage Edison LED Bulb, 6-Pack

Vintage Edison LED Bulb, 6-Pack

Vintage light bulbs are used nowadays in restaurants and in different parties for the purpose of decoration. They are hard to place and use against your own desire, but once a time when the place is decided it is not hard anymore. The word for them is Edison bulbs- the main problem that arrived from them is the heat, durability, and shattering material and glass to whom through which it is made. 29 Best cheap living room sets under $200, $300, and $500.

Next, if we go ahead, it is not energy efficient, and its warm color is usually not preferred for a living room by people. It is a 40-watt equivalent bulb, that’s why there is less need for a large quantity of these bulbs and it can last only for 15000 hours.

Provide a good warm touch to the room.Less durable.
Gives very bright light.Made up of shattering material.
Best suitable for reading lamps and others too.Led filament is not supported to some extent.

Buying Guide For The Best Light Bulbs For Living Room


Nowadays it is the most annoying thing that we choose a bulb for the living room and suddenly in a few days, it drops down. So, a bulb with the best lifetime is the most appropriate one. LEDs are the best long-lasting light bulbs they offer and can last between 10-20 years, on the other hand, CFLs last for few years but halogens can last for 1 or 2 years and the bulbs with the least life span are the incandescent bulbs, they last only for 1000 hours, after that they dropdown. So, the bulb should be of good quality along with offering a lifetime.

Color Contrast:

The color contrast of the bulb brings simulation of your mood, bright colors are usually comprehended with more energy, and soft colors are the second name for relaxing and comforting feelings.

Bulbs really vary from soft-touch (yellow-hue light) to dark warm colors but it also depends on how you want to outfit your room. Bright colors are usually preferred for areas such as study rooms etc. Soft colors such as yellow hue along with white light are usually preferred for the ancient or sleeping areas.

Temperature Effects:

The color temperature comes with different temperature ranges and on the other hand, affects the overall temperature of the living room.

Temperature Effects:

Usually, the bulbs of 100 watts in the darker room will be preferred this brings the sense of sleeping or a movie night along with friends, and more than that is usually preferred in the requirement of bright light, for reading and such activities. Best light bulbs for living rooms have an overall temperature range between 2500-5000.

  • Power Ranking:

Light bulbs for the living rooms should be energy efficient. LED bulbs are super energy-saving bulbs, LEDs of 8-9 watts can give the same light then a 60-watt incandescent bulb can give. Incandescent and halogen bulbs require too much energy than the other ones which makes them less efficient than others. CFL uses fewer watts but it requires more energy than LEDs, so, in short, LEDs are most appreciated in terms of energy and light quality.

  • Type:

Light bulbs fall into different four types and categories but only three are usually preferred worldwide, Let’s have a look:

Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) Bulbs:

They are most popular among the categories of best light bulbs for living rooms and are present in every size and shape, They never contain mercury and moreover, they also don’t heat the room, infect they bring a bright light texture along with softness, that makes the most appropriate to be used and they are also long-lasting.

Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs (CFLs):

These bulbs are more energy-efficient than incandescent but they require few minutes to reach their full brightness level and after such a slow process it doesn’t give such brightening light that LEDs give. These bulbs are also on the way to be banned. They are of less use.

 Incandescent light Bulbs:

These bulbs are less preferred. They produce heat and warmer light and as well as they are less energy efficient, they require a huge amount of energy to brighten the room, indeed they are inexpensive to purchase but are LEDs are more efficient to them and largely appreciated to use.

Halogen Bulbs:

No doubt these bulbs are considered energy efficient but the major drawback of such bulbs is that they are not long-lasting and shred down rapidly. Their life span is only 1000 hours. So they are banned in the United States and going soon to ban in all other states due to its lifetime.


Light Bulbs are available in different colors, sizes,s, and shapes manufactured by different materials with different productiveness and we should choose those bulbs that are not just long-lasting but can give brighter texture along with better lifetime, less energy requirement, and with no heat production along with light. On the other hand, the best Light bulb for living rooms also depends upon the design and outfitting of the room, and indeed it varies with the requirement. So, choose what feels best to you in the upper-mentioned category.


Can I use LED lights outside?

Yes, LEDs can be used outside, but their fitting should be arranged with care. Their extension should be longer so that they can be fitted easily in the garage and inside of the house. It is better to keep them in a dry place.

Are Dimmer Lights good for a living room?

Dimmer lights are good for a living room. It brings a soft light touch to the room that not only gives a relaxing feeling but also easy to install, and energy-efficient.  For small spaces and for some backlighting artwork, dimmer lights are a good choice to go with. Dimmer lights are the best light bulbs for living rooms for those who want warmer light textures with a soft touch.

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