Small living room big couch ideas | Maximizing Space: 2023

If you have a small living room but still want a big, comfy couch, we’ve got you covered! Our ideas for small living room big couch setups will help you maximize your space without sacrificing style or comfort.

From clever furniture placement to choosing the right size and shape for your couch, our tips and tricks will help you create a cozy and inviting living room that works for your space. You don’t have to compromise on comfort or style just because you have a small living room!

Check out our ideas for small living room big couch setups and start making the most of your space today. Your perfect living room is just a few simple steps away!

People who are fond of interior design do a lot to make their living room a better place. They get new furniture, decorative items, wallpapers, and whatnot. But the real problem occurs when your living room is a small and cozy place. Sometimes you buy a perfect thing according to you but it doesn’t look that good or compliments your living room in the way that you were expecting. Now, what do you think can be the possible reason? Maybe you are not buying the decorative item according to the dimensions of your living room.

No need to worry, because this time we came up with some outstanding tricks and ideas by adopting which you can prove your small living as a ravishing place. Also, if you are worried because your living room looks cluttered and congested then the tricks like white walls, low-profile furniture, and recessed lighting will make all of your worries about living rooms blow away within minutes. So let’s dig into the details and help you to make your small living room a spacious and well-seated area. 

Small living room big couch ideas

Having a big sofa in your living room means you can relax, sit and even sleep on your sofa while watching TV or playing games. But do you think that your small living room can handle a huge and comfy couch?  Here are some of the tricks that you can consider to have a huge sofa in your living room and still make it look uncluttered and a comfy place. 

1. Go for a one-piece couch

A multiple-piece couch or sofa will likely occupy more space in your living room as compared to a one-piece corner sectional. Remember that with a small living room, you don’t have an option other than going for a corner sofa set. So, we would say that try to go for a one-piece sofa with a matching ottoman stool instead of the table. 

2. Combine your living room and dining room

You can also make your living room look less cluttered even with a huge couch when you will remove the curtains and barriers between the living room and dining room. This will increase the overall area and will make room for more furniture in your living room and dining room. 

3. Never place your couch in front of the doors and windows of your living room

We will recommend you make maximum use of the vacant walls and corners to place your sofas and sectionals. If you will place your couch in front of the windows it will make the room even more suffocating and congested for you. 

4. You can go for the functional benches

Have you ever thought about how yachts and boats have a huge sitting area despite their small sizes? It is a matter of using the space in a technical way. You can imply the same formula to your small and cozy living room. With the help of your nearby carpenter, you can get outstanding benches with cushions for your living room. This will not only occupy less space but will for sure give a cool vibe to your living room.

Small living room big couch ideas | functional benches

5. Always buy a piece of low-profile furniture for your small living room

No matter how huge your living room couch is if it is low profile it will never create a mess. This means a low-profile sofa which is not trying to touch your ceiling will not affect the environment of your living room. No doubt it will affect the floor capacity but will also give you a huge space to relax and sit with your friends. 

6. How about ditching your living room couch?

Let us tell you about a breathtaking idea that will not only remain light on your pocket but will give you a soothing feel by maintaining the environment of your living room and giving you a huge room to relax with your friend group. Yes, we are talking about getting a good collection of floor cushions and making a floor-sitting arrangement facing toward your TV wall. 

Isn’t it an amazing idea? Of course, it is but remembers you will have to keep those floor cushions well-organized all the time. 

7. Add a single piece of rug to your living room

If your living room is small and you already have a huge couch in it then adding too many rugs and carpets to it may make it an uncomfortable and congested area. So we will recommend you to buy a light-colored single piece of rug that will give a sober look to the whole décor of your living room.

Add a single piece of rug to your living room

Still, if you are not able to follow any of these tricks then we have several more ideas for you. Instead of working on the couch set, you can work on the settings of your living room. 

  • You can simply paint your living room wall in light colors like pastels or a fresh white color. It will give a huge look to your small living room and will make it look less congested. 
  • You can work on the lighting of your living room. Try to increase the number of lights on your ceiling. Along with this recessed lights are more in fashion and are an effective way to up bring the profile of your cozy living room. 
  • Similarly, there are many options for getting fully functional furniture that you can use in multiple ways. Like a foldable sectional bench. You can convert it into a bench a sectional or a bed all according to your choice. Getting this type of furniture can solve all of your problems. 


Why spends your weekends in a cluttered and suffocating living room when you can convert it into a spacious and calming place just by taking a few simple steps? Like, we have mentioned several tricks in our detailed article about small living room big couch ideas. You can simply adopt any of the above-mentioned ideas and can even incorporate your own ideas into them to make your small living room a spacious and cooler place than before.

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