Layout How To Arrange Living Room Furniture with TV | In 5 Ways

The living room is the hub of family time. Meanwhile, TV is a must. It is the reason people want to know Layout How to How to Arrange Living Room Furniture with TV. In a living area, TV becomes the focal point.

So, you have to arrange the living room furniture according to the TV. You have to keep your other sitting furniture, like sofas, chairs, sleeper sofas, sofa beds, etc., in the direction of the TV. Therefore, you can enjoy your serials, movies, sports, and shows conveniently.

There are numerous layouts to arrange living room furniture with TV. Here, we will discuss some of them to arrange sofas, armchairs, a fireplace, and other pieces of furniture with TV easily.

Five Ways to Arrange Living Room Furniture with TV

Living rooms vary in their shape. They may be square, rectangular, horizontal, etc. You have to arrange a living room with furniture accordingly to avoid any problems in the future. We all know we cannot change the furniture location every week as it is a cumbersome task. Hence, place them wisely and efficiently.

Before choosing any layout, you must keep in mind that you have to start arranging your room furniture by deciding the exact place of your TV because it is the central point of your living area. So, let us explore layouts to arrange Living Room Furniture with TV.

1. TV in the Corner:

If you have a small living room or a different case, the corner of your room can be the best place for your TV or LED. You can keep it on a TV unit with storage or a bookshelf to save space. Later, the sofas, armchairs, and coffee tables can be kept in that corner.

In this way, this corner will become your enjoyment place where you can enjoy coffee or dinner with your family. Moreover, you can also arrange your dining table to watch TV while having your meal with your family. Thus, it can add value to your time.

Layout How To Arrange Living Room Furniture with TV | In 5 Ways

2. TV over the Fireplace:

If you are looking to arrange your living room furniture with TV and fireplace, you can choose to keep them in a single place. Especially during winters, this setting will provide you warmth and help you enjoy precious time with your family, partner, or friends.

You can keep sofas and chairs in front of this setup. Additionally, you can also cut the fruits of this arrangement by placing your sleeper sofa or sofa bed here. But, ensure a distance of at least 15 cm between fireplace and sofas. It will help in heating the entire living room.

 TV Over the fireplace

3. Wall-mounted TV:

You can also arrange your living room furniture with a TV by mounting it on the wall. It will give a creative and unique look to your living area and save a lot of space. You can mount it anywhere you want. Similarly, a wall-mounted TV unit can add an artistic look to it. You can fit a TV inside it or place it over it.

Wall mounted TV

4. Place your TV over or inside a Console Table:

It is another way to arrange living room furniture with a TV. You can place your LED on a console table, or you can also fit it into a console table whatever pattern you have. Moreover, by hanging some arts, photos, and paintings beside it, you can make it more attractive.

Place your tv over or inside a console table

5. TV on the top of Furniture:

Here is the easiest way to arrange living room furniture with TV; placing it on any piece of furniture. For example, you may place it on any cabinet, tall dresser, or inside a cabinet. But, ensure that you can easily watch the TV. The difficulty in watching TV may result in aches in the neck, back, or shoulders.

TV on the top of furniture

Pro Tip:

While placing the TV in your living room, never keep it opposite or in front of the window. It will reflect sunlight, which, in turn, makes the TV screen invisible. It can ruin your TV show and family time.


In this blog post, we have informed you about the various layouts to arrange living room furniture with TV. You may choose according to your taste, needs, and capability. We hope we have cleared your query to some extent. Some tips are also mentioned to arrange living room furniture with TV in these methods to make your selection easier for you. You can also give suggestions in the comment section. THANK YOU!

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