10 Best Mid Century Modern Sleeper Sofa – Reviews 2023

You are watching a movie on your favorite couch. Suddenly you feel droopy. You wish you could just snuggle on your sofa. Do you know how you can do that? Buy the best mid-century modern sleeper sofa! This exceptional convertible sofa will allow you to snuggle beneath the sheets if you don’t want to get up. Just convert it! But why buy a mid century modern sofa?

Not only is it comfortable but economical you get a bed and sofa both at the price of one. For this, we have compiled a fair list of all the best mid-century modern sleeper sofas for you. Make a choice!

1. Lamgier Mid Century Modern Convertible Sleeper Sofa

Lamgier Mid Century Modern Convertible Sleeper Sofa

There is no mid-century modern sleeper sofa like the one Lambgier offers. Not only is this convertible couch is a space saver but it is also adjustable. You can put it in the most compact spaces and adjust it up to 3 angles. Whether you want to sit or sleep it is adjusted at your required angle. Also, it can be converted into a bed for a new guest.

With a stylish decorative design, its linen silhouette makes a comfy interior. The memory foam not only makes the cushions and back soft, but its 100% polyester composition provides excellent spinal support. The legs are short, i.e., 6.9 inches, and give a snuggly look.

Thanks to its ergonomic construction, you can make it adjustable and complement it with two pillows. Convenient to assemble, you need no tools. Adjust it within minutes. Moreover, the brand offers immense service and replacement for unsatisfactory parts and also provides you with color options. Win-win deal.

Easy to assemble.Average weight capacity.
Ergonomic design.
Two in one.

2. Sleerway Mid Century Sleeper Sofa Couch with Two Pillows

 Sleerway Mid Century Sleeper Sofa Couch with Two Pillows

Sleerway gives you a comfortable sleeping experience and feelings of royalty with velvet fabric in bright hues. The softness and wrinkle-free fabric will hook you to it all day long. The high-density sponge will make the bench even more comfortable and long-lasting too. This best mid-century modern sleeper sofa has a three-angle adjustment. It helps in adjusting your sleeper sofa in small places, especially perfect for people with studio apartments and condos.

With a modern yet elegantly traditional loathe, metallic legs are smooth with gold tapering. This looks really stylish. Apart from style, it is practical too as it can handle a weight capacity of 600 pounds. The sturdy plywood frame holds maximum weight while remaining in shape for years.

Thanks to its super easy assembly, you can put armrests, legs, and seats all together within minutes. No expert help is needed. Just you and your few minutes. Isn’t that amazing? To stop this, all exceptional customer service is offered throughout the purchase.

Sturdy frame.Somewhat pricey.
Gorgeous legs.
High weight capacity.
Available in different colors.

3. Rivet Canton Deep Mid Century Modern Sleeper Couch

Rivet Canton Deep Mid Century Modern Sleeper Couch

Rivet Caton has outdone itself once again with this exceptional high-end sleeper sofa. Crafted with a sophisticated postmodern touch, the cream-colored fabric and tapered wooden legs are a sight to behold. It makes your modern living room even more gorgeous and offers high comfort.

Not only does it offer easy cleaning but adequate adjustment with strong and durable composition. The frame is made of solid wood, whereas the upholstery is 100% polyester so that things are maintained for years to come. With a tightly fixed backrest and removable cushions, you can change the sleep sofa to your liking. 9 of the best sleeper sofas under $500 can check them.

Moreover, the construction is so simple that it hardly takes you 15 minutes to figure out the assembly. Quick and painless. You only need to take care of spilling or placing your sleeper sofa is way too much moisture. Rest is taken care of by high warranty and quality customer service.

A tight back keeps your spine in shape.Very pricey.
Color options are available.
High warranty.

4. Modway Adept Contemporary Mid Century ModernTufted Sofa

 Modway Adept Contemporary Mid Century ModernTufted Sofa

A best mid-century modern sleeper sofa must be durable, stylish, and luxurious. All things that are fortunately the hallmark of Modway’s mid century modern sleeper sofa. An elegant amalgam of mid-century and contemporary styles, this sofa is a complete luxury in terms of your comfort levels.

The best thing about it is its stain resistance. The velvet upholstery not just gives a chic look but also keeps your couch neat and clean. Available in multiple color options, it allows you back support that keeps your spine healthy. Furthermore, it fits right in any kind of setting and still manages to make the space gorgeous.

The padded seat and the tufted square design keep the cushions plump and soft yet tight and fixed. The sofa is designed to look spacious and can carry multiple people at once. This kind of construction also comes in handy as a reliable partner in heavy gatherings. The foot sleeves at the end of the alloy legs are just a cherry on top as they keep the floor safe from marking and damage.

Costs Benefits
Foot sleeves protect the floor.No explicit indication of adjustment options.
Easy to clean.
Matches all settings.

5. Esright Mid Century Sofa Couch with Tufted Synthetic Suede Fabric

Esright Mid Century Sofa Couch with Tufted Synthetic Suede Fabric

Why go elsewhere when Esright offers you the mid century modern sleeper sofa of your dreams? This ergonomically designed modern sofa is the best classic couch you can have for your family. Not only is it comfortable de o suede fabric, but it can also carry 18 inches pillows for the warmest, snuggliest experiences.

With a spacious capacity of 75.2 inches in length, you can easily fit in for a good night’s sleep even if you are 6ft tall. In addition to this, it can be converted into a sofa bed with easy adjustments. The six tapered legs are adjustable too and protect your floor too. They are sturdy and can hold a weight of up to 700 pounds.

The cushions are 5 inches and thick due to the high-density 25D sponge. What makes them even more comfortable are the snake-shaped springs that are deformation-resistant in addition to being highly elastic. The smart construction fully supports your entire body, especially your backbone, with 105 degrees of inclination.  Easy to assemble, it is one of the best mid century modern sleeper sofas in the market today.

Fors Against
Spacious.Suede fabric may be unacceptable to some people.
High weight capacity.

6. Rivet Goodwin Modern Sofa Couch

Rivet Goodwin Modern Sofa Couch

Finalizing your living room decor? This is the mid century modern sleeper sofa for you as it will give you the exact modern look you have been looking for. Its beautiful upholstery and clean interior make it a total eye candy. The frame is solid wood, whereas the upholstery is 100% polyester. Best sleeper sofas under 1000 dollars you will love.

Holding a capacity of three persons, it is available in charcoal gray, light gray, and navy blue colors.

Interesting hue variety!

With strong yet slim legs, it can carry massive weights while still looking extremely pretty. The cushions from the backseat are reversible as well as removable, so there is no hassle in cleaning. Moreover, it hardly requires 15 minutes to assemble and boasts a year-long warranty. What more can you ask for?

Gorgeous legs.Pricey.
Hassle-free maintenance.
Year-long warranty.
Sold frame.

7. Casa Andrea Milano Modern Plush Sleeper Futon

Casa Andrea Milano Modern Plush Sleeper Futon

If you like fun colors, this modern sleeper sofa is definitely yours. A space saver, a high-quality sleeper with a comfortable back and cushions is only the beginning of its immense features. Its linen upholstery not only provides comfort but also, with a hypoallergenic fill, it is perfect for all people, even the sufferers. If you are searching for the best affordable mid-century modern sofas you must not lose.

If you want to adjust it, worry not as it can be accommodated as per your preferences. Luckily, it has two lounge positions. It can be reclined into a flat position or remain up simultaneously. It is long-lasting, too, given the memory foam and solid hardwood frame with metallic legs. These two features make it strong and sturdy.

With a seat height of 18 inches, it is an adequate sleeper sofa available in three colors. If you want to buy the best sectional couches under $600 click here.

Opportunities Obstacles
Adjustable.Only three color options.
Normal height.
Hypoallergenic filling.
Space saver.

8. HFG Modern, Convertible, Folding Couch Sofa Bed

HFG Modern, Convertible, Folding Couch Sofa Bed

This exceptional sofa bed is perfect for decorating small spaces. It can light up any room corner and really goes with any kind of setting. It can comfortably accommodate two adults, which means it has a high weight capacity.

With an easy-to-use manual, this is definitely one of the best mid-century modern sleeper sofas as it can be assembled within no time.

Positives Negatives
Amazing design.No color options are available.
High weight capacity.
Reasonable price.

9. Mopio Aaron Futon Convertible Sofa Sleeper

Mopio Aaron Futon Convertible Sofa Sleeper

Mopio Aaron offers a timeless cushion that is both comfortable and durable. The mid-century style further adds to its beauty, and it fits right in any kind of setting. The multi-functional lounge allows a sound sleep due to the fold-down backrest. It can be adjusted according to your preferences.

Even though it is highly spacious yet it is a compact space saver for your lounge. With custom comfort and balanced hues, it is a classic mid-century modern sleeper sofa. Even then, it is cheap and of high quality.

Benefits Disadvantages
Inexpensive.Expert help is high-priced.
Classy colors.

10. Best Choice Products Convertible Split-Back Futon Sofa

Best Choice Products Convertible Split-Back Futon Sofa

This amazing mid-century modern sofa is designed for your convenience. With the split back feature, you can easily adjust it in two positions and recline it when you wish to snuggle at night for a movie.

With a spacious look and capacity of 550-pound weight, it is exceptional. Approximately it can carry three adult persons. The upholstery is tufted, and two pillows further improve its comfort. It is perfect for catering guests. With a strong wooden frame and versatility, it is an ideal furniture purchase.

Benefits Disbenefits
Tufted upholstery.Low weight capacity comparatively.
Easy to maintain.

Buying Guide For Best Mid Century Modern Sleeper Sofas

It is high time that you buy yourself the best mid-century modern sleeper sofa. A quick reminder: You still need the proper instructions before you get yourself the wrong sleeper sofa deal. There are hundreds of things you should consider before buying your sleeper sofa because it is going to sit in your house for years to come. If it isn’t right, if it isn’t stylish, if it isn’t durable, it will stare you in the face every day and remind you of a bad decision you once made. So to avoid that all, here’s our guide to the best mid-century modern sleeper sofas: things you must consider before buying!


Your sleeper sofa must have high elasticity by springs. This will not only make your sofa comfortable but also durable as springs last long and are able to resist debris and moisture.


The fabric should be soft and luxurious but not so much as it may be breached at the slightest movement. Velvet or linen are ideal as they give a royal look and are also reliable fabrics.


Your sleeper sofa needs to be spacious as a person has got to sleep on it. This counts in terms of comfort level. Spacious sleeper sofas also have a high weight capacity.


Durability is the most important factor to consider. You are not going to change your sleeper sofa for a long time as it might prove uneconomical. To avoid that, buy a high-quality sleeper sofa that lasts long.


Do all sleeper sofas have the same capacity?

No. Some sleeper sofas can, on average, carry 600-700 pounds. Others have a high weight capacity. This varies from size to size and brand to brand.

Which is the best mid-century modern sleeper sofa?

There are lots of great mid-century modern sofas. Some of these are listed above.


As you have skimmed through the products and looked through the guide, you are charged to buy your sleep sofa right away. Just make sure it is the best mid-century modern sleeper sofa indeed!

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