Best Recliners Under $300 in 2023 – [Top 10 Editor’s Picks]

Are you all searching for the Best recliners under $300? Whenever I come across the word recliner, all I think about is the comfort it provides, I enjoy reading on my recliner.

It gives exceptional comfort and back support and also you can rest your feet on the footrest which extends to the user’s leg length to provide maximum comfort.

After a long day of work or anything that makes you tired and overworked, a recliner is the best way to relax and let yourself go into the dreamland.

That’s what I do! Just throw me over it, put my feet on the footrest and head on the headrest, and enjoy the ultimate rest time and do whatever I like to do for example reading or watching television or even for little naps! They are my favorite furniture kind in my home.

And I thought why not share it with you? So, I prepared a list of the best recliners under $300, comfort on a budget!

For those of you who don’t know about a recliner, let me tell you that a recliner is a kind of chair or sofa that has a footrest and headrest that extends according to the comfort level of the user. They are also used in business jets & homes.

One more thing to add besides comfort, they also look good and are a great choice for styling your home! So, recliners have 3 positions. One is in which no part of the recliner is open and this position is called closed.

The other one is called semi-reclined in which the footrest is open but the backrest is still not reclined. And the third one is in which the whole chair is fully functional meaning the back is reclined and the footrest also is open.

Now coming to our main topic, I present you the list of best recliners under 300 $, budget comfort!

Now before choosing a recliner, always make sure to see if it supports your weight and suits your height. You’ll know more about it later in this article.

In this article, you’ll find some useful information about Recliners and their types & uses.

Without further ado, let’s get started.

No 1 on our list is,

1. Christopher Knight Recliner

Christopher Knight Recliner

This one is a very stylish looking and modern indoor décor and affordable at the same time.

The design is amazing, I like how this assembles easily and fits with the surroundings of my home.

The seat of this recliner is a bit low and that was not very comfortable for me, I used to keep a cushion under my lower back to get more support but if you are looking for a low or deeper seat then this is the best choice for you.

Another thing I want to share with you is that this chair does get fur and lint which is a bit hard to clean but what worked for me is that I used a fuzz remover, Any good quality fuzz remover will work, and it works wonders.

One thing that I don’t like about this recliner is that the back doesn’t have a lock and it comes up back again with a little shift or movement. So, this is not a very comfortable feature. I couldn’t take a nap on this one.

It looked very gorgeous with my home furniture and it isn’t too big which I like a lot. Also, I have worked for hours seated in this chair and it didn’t hurt my back. I was very comfortable.

So, let me share with you some other features you might want to know about.

It weighs 56.22 pounds and the material used is fabric and its composition is polyester. The legs are made of Birch and the dimensions of this chair are 34.50 inches deep X 26.75 inches wide.

The seat is 19.50 inches wide and its depth is 20.50 inches.

Positives Negatives
ComfortableA bit sturdy
CheapCatches fur and lint

2. Mid-Century Modern Tufted Back Recliner

Mid-Century Modern Tufted Back Recliner

This is my best budget pick!

I must say I am quite impressed with the quality of this recliner, at this price you can’t get any better. It is the easiest to assemble, I only needed to attach the back and attach the legs, and there you go.

I must say that this chair is a true example of comfort on a budget. There are many options in the market providing comfort and quality like Mid-Century but they are 2x or 4x the cost so this fact makes Mid-Century the perfect choice.

 As I mentioned earlier I have to work for hours on my computer and I have had some terrible experiences with some other chairs and recliners but this one had my back! It supported my back so nicely and I didn’t feel tired or sore while sitting on this chair even for hours.

I must tell you that a person of 6’ or more would fit in this chair but would not feel comfortable. I however fit great but I am 5’5’’. So, if your height is 6’ or more than you should think about it, you can sit comfortably but the chair is a bit short for you.

So let me tell you some other features, it is 100% polyester, dimensions are 34.25’’ x 27.25’’ width and 38.00’’ height. The material is microfiber and leg material is Birch and the finishing is Dark Espresso. Best Sleeper sofas under $500.

Advantages Disadvantages
Very comfortableA bit short for 6’ or more height people
Easy to assemble
Great value for money

3. Swivel Recliner and Slanted Ottoman

Swivel Recliner and Slanted Ottoman

Beautiful, elegant, and very stylish construction makes this my favorite pick!

You see the design is so elegant it fits in nicely and creates a very nice home ambience.

I bought it about a year ago and this chair was used almost every day for hours and it still is in very good shape. I must say I’m impressed by the quality material used in the construction. It is made up of bonded leather.

So, it came with an instruction manual for how to assemble this chair which was pretty convenient, and also tools to assemble it. It took me only 20 minutes to assemble this chair. You can learn more about 45 cheap living room sets under $200, $300, and $500.

It is very comfortable, I worked for hours on my laptop without needing a desk.

Also, I must mention that this recliner is a great choice for people having cubital tunnel and cervical vertebra.

Another amazing feature I like about this and I want to share it with you is that it is super easy to clean. You just need to wipe the surface with a clean cloth and water. That’s what I do and it works perfectly!

It weighs around 300 pounds and dimensions 42 x 30 x 40 inches.

Trade Offs
Very easy to assemble
I haven’t found any issues with it.
The design is very stylish and elegant and looks very nice
Easy to clean

4. Macedonia Mid-Century Fabric Recliner

Macedonia Mid-Century Fabric Recliner

The most liked feature of this recliner, and the one I appreciate the most, is that it seems like a normal sofa and not a recliner until the footrest is raised. I use this recliner in my lounge when I decide to watch television or just relax and read books. it does not take much space but looks nice and blends in with the surroundings.

The back reclines pretty easily, all you have to do is to just push back a little and the back is reclined. I found no issue with the chair not having the locking mechanism when reclined, it just stays where you put it and this seems to be an issue in other recliners.

I must say if you are looking for Sleeper sofas, 9 of the best sleeper sofas under $500 then it is the best recommendation for you.

I would like you to know beforehand that this is a smaller size and my friend is 5’11’’ so when the chair is reclined it does not provide head support which is something lacking in this chair. But it can easily be dealt with. I bought a pillow and I have done this many times before so it’s not a big deal for me. 

Though the price is low, the construction of this chair is fancy and elegant and makes it look like expensive furniture. I would highly recommend this one if you can compromise on the height issue. Other than that, this one is worth buying.

Benefits Drawbacks
Sleek designNot fit for the heavyweight
Easy to put togetherSmall in size, not fit for height more than 5’7’’
Worth the money

5. Gaius Classic Fabric Recliner

Gaius Classic Fabric Recliner

Here is another sleek and beautifully designed recliner which is also a star when it comes to assembling.

It is well-built and super easy to assemble, you only need to put together the back and the bottom parts and that’s it!

I found it super comfortable, sits perfectly on the ground.

The fabric is quite durable, you can take it anywhere. One of my friends took these on a beach trip and they were very satisfied with the quality of the recliner.

Let me share with you some other details. The dimensions of this recliner are 41.75’’ height x 25.75’’ width x 35.75’’ deep and seat dimensions are 18.75’’ high x 18.50’’ wide x 21’’ deep.

It is made up of plastic and polyester and the leg material is plastic with a black finish. It weighs 63.27 pounds. 

Upsides Downsides
StylishI haven’t found any drawbacks to this recliner
Easy assemble

6. Elizabeth Tufted Fabric Recliner

Elizabeth Tufted Fabric Recliner

This one is my all-time favorite recliner with its super stylish design and super comfortable cushioned seat, it is the highlight of my home. It is intelligently designed, it does not lock the heat, it is super breathable, and proper air ventilation is achieved through the fabric of the recliner.

It is made up of polyester and I have had this recliner for about a year now it retains its shape and texture which I appreciate the most. You can also read the 10 best reclining sofas under $500 [Buyer’s Guide and reviews]. The foam is high quality and is almost moderate, meaning it is not too soft and not too hard making it a perfect choice for stress relief and fatigue.

 When I’m done working and am super tired I come down to my Elizabeth recliner and relax and it feels so good. The pressure on my neck, shoulders, and back is relieved, the strain in my muscles is relieved and it feels great!

I must tell you that you’ll have to put some effort into assembling this one. It is not easy to assemble one.

My friend had one of these chairs and she didn’t have a good experience, it collapsed after 4 months of use, but maybe the way someone uses it defines how long the thing stays. Best Sectional couches under $600.

Assets Liabilities
Very stylishSome users report it collapsing after a few months of use
Super comfy

7. Kensington Hill 3-way Recliner  

Kensington Hill 3-way Recliner  

Now Kensington Hill 3-way recliner has a contemporary, classy, and noble look to it.

 As the name implies it has 3 different recliner mechanisms, one is push-thru arm reclining, the footrest extension, and the flipper ottoman.

 The color of this recliner is also a highlight of it because it blends it super nicely with the furniture in the surroundings, The rich brown color with golden and rust highlights on it makes it look royal!

 The cushion of this recliner is super supportive, it is not squishy soft, or rock hard but has a nice medium texture and feel to it which is again very supportive, especially for people having injuries.

 The little problem that I felt is that the footrest does not support long legs, they dangle below the footrest, and blood circulation is disturbed which is very uncomfortable. It is made for shorter people so you must keep this in mind before making a purchase.

The item is a heavy one and it weighs 97.66 pounds. The setup is pretty easy and one person can easily assemble it.

The fabric material is polyester and the legs are made of wood.

Costs Benefits
Easy to assembleA bit heavy, weighs 97.66 pounds
Beautiful and aesthetically pleasing lookThe footrest is not for very heightened people
Super comfortable

8. Ravenna Homey Glider Recliner 

Ravenna Homey Glider Recliner 

The highlight of this recliner is it is roomy. Most users praised this recliner due to this quality and I have found it to be true. I don’t have this one in my apartment but my friend does and she loves it.

 It is a bit hard to get back to the sitting position from the reclined position which is not very practical. Also, the footrest needs leg strength to close it, it’s a bit tight.

 The assembly is very easy, you just put the back onto the base and it’s ready.

 The chairs seem to have a problem when you try to pick something off the floor. It forces you to fall over to the ground if you are bending over to pick something up from the ground. I will not recommend this one for elderly people or people who tend to drop things down.

 The structure of this chair screams recliner! Yes, this is my observation. It does not in any way seem like a normal chair as some of the above-mentioned recliners do. Not very fan of the overall appearance of the chair but this is my observation only 10 of the Best sectional sofas are under $1000.

This is a great choice for heavyweight and heighted people. Even a person with 330 pounds can fit in easily and relax comfortably.

Merits Demerits
Great value for moneyA bit unstable
RoomyNot so aesthetic (only my personal opinion)
Comfortable fabric and foam

9. Recliner Chair For Living Room

Recliner Chair For Living Room

Well this one brings a lot of features with it.

This is a home theater kind of recliner meant basically to provide you the ultimate & comfortable experience while you enjoy your favorite show or a movie.

It has a modern and classic design with high-quality environment-friendly cotton and high-density sponge along with a high rebound spring. 

Now the highlighted feature of this recliner is its massage mode with 8 massaging modes. You can sit back and relax with the massaging feature of this recliner. Surely heaven after a hectic day.Top ten best twin mattresses under $200.

It is easy to assemble, just attach the back to the base and screw four legs and you’re done. 

One drawback is that the footrest does not stay in place while the chair is reclined.

Opportunities Obstacles
Elegant designFootrest not stable
Massaging modes
High-quality material
Easy assemble

10. Augusta Taupe Faux Leather Recliner Chair

Augusta Taupe Faux Leather Recliner Chair

This is a spa-looking recliner chair with a 360-degree rotation.

 For getting into a reclined position you just push back a little and it gets into its reclined position and the footrest comes automatically.

It weighs 72 pounds and the dimensions are 33.5 x 29.25 x 43.5 inches.

The headrest is quite impressive, it moves quite comfortably according to your suitability, up and down and also front and back, You can adjust it as it suits you.

The material is Taupe faux leather and the legs are made of wood.29 Best cheap living room sets under $700 and $1000.

Strengths Weaknesses
Easy assembleI haven’t found any drawbacks to this recliner
Value for money
Comfortable and reliable


A pro tip and the most important one to follow before making a purchase is to check the dimensions of the recliner to see if it can fit you in and if it provides comfortable feet and headrests.

Recliners have many properties, The one I notice the most is that they should blend with the surroundings around them and also that they must be durable. Depending upon your intended use, make a purchase when you feel a recliner is fit for you. Hope this list helps you to get an idea of recliners and their shortcomings that you need to look for and also what qualities they must have!

Happy shopping! 

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