Spanish Style Living Room Design Everything You Need | 2023

Spanish-style homes have been a popular architectural option for ages, especially in places like California. Living rooms designed in the Spanish style are not only elegant and refined but also warm and inviting. Spanish culture has influenced architecture across the Southeastern United States, from the distinctive clay tile roofing to the arched doors, sandstone walls, and high-ceilinged entryways.

Spanish living room design is distinct and striking in its rustic style and simplicity; it’s frequently replicated across the world, or elements of it are added here and there since it’s so inviting and lovely.

Some major features of a Spanish living room:

There are some major things that you need to have in your Spanish living room so, let’s just get right into the business.

Dark, Carved Wood is a good choice

Darker, carved wood furniture is a good choice for a Spanish living room. A darker color gives the bed, nightstand, and dresser a spiritual feel while also giving the room a historical sense. Also, keep this appearance simple by only using three pieces of the living room set. There should be no decorations on the walls, no fancy wall hangings, and no tabletop sculptures. Everything in the Spanish living room is functional and has a purpose. Brown cushions, bedspread, beige carpeting, and neutral lamp and vases are all good choices.

Spanish Style Living Room Design Everything You Need To Know

Cozy living room in Spanish style

Choose wooden beams for your Spanish living room to give it a classic and cozy atmosphere. Add cushions and blankets to all of your living area and sitting spaces and pair them with a modern window with black steel to highlight the homey atmosphere of the space.

  • Décor and furniture

Heavy dark accent tables, towering headboards, and deep rich wood tones that will fill your area with history are common in Spanish home décor. You’ll do yourself a favor if your furniture is not simply wood and substantial, but it’s also elaborately carved. Soft furnishings, such as pillows, duvets, and curtains, are often used to add detail to a space.

Ceilings and Walls

Walls in Spanish interior design are basic, textured, and wallpaper cannot be used. Using different types of brushes or sponges to apply slightly different tones of the same color, or applying a specialized paint finish by mixing the polymer with cement and applying it to the walls, followed by two coats of a layer or 100 percent acrylic paint, to create the effect of a plastered wall, helps give a truly authentic Spanish look.


Lemongrass candles are a common aroma that the Spanish employ to help discourage mosquitos and other pests, and using a range of lanterns, wrought iron sconces, and candlesticks can add a lot to the Spanish feel of your design. Make sure your rooms have as much light as possible, as this will assist to keep your Spanish interior living room a Mediterranean atmosphere no matter what the weather is like outside.

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