How To Set Up Long Narrow Living room | 4 Ways To Layout

It is tricky to manage and design a long narrow living room because it is easy to make each corner cozy, but it isn’t easy to widen your narrow, long space. Basically, everyone can also achieve it, either with his struggle or hard work.

One can make his narrow and long space wider and loving one for many years yet to come by following such long narrow living room design ideas:

1. Keep your furniture away from the walls:

If you live in a long and narrow room, you should keep your furniture quieter away from the walls and other furniture and focus it in the center in a specific layout. Which helps out to give a broader look to the room. As can be seen in the image below:

How To Set Up Long narrow living room | In 4 Ways To Layout
furniture quieter away from the walls

This is already discovered in the image above, a  sectional sofa is used along with some recliner chairs and a sofa with a wooden coffee table, maybe it is a mid-century coffee table. And all furniture is kept away from the wall. Such a setting of the room gives an outlook that the room is more comprehensive and can handle many objects and furniture.

2. Choose Appropriate Furniture For Long Narrow Living Room

Appropriate choice of furniture for a long and narrow living room is always a tricky thing to handle. However, it would be best to try to use such furniture, which is long like a nested chair with a high back, also termed as the best chair for backbone pain, neck pain, etc. this brings comfort for the guest and common man and furnished look of the living room as a whole.

Choose Appropriate Furniture For Long Narrow Living Room

the above image gives us the idea that recliner chairs are used along with a jacquard mid-century sofa. Here it can be seen that the coffee table is simple and big one. Usually, people also prefer a coffee table made up of glass.

3. Always maintain the light :

The maintenance of natural light in a narrow space is complex but not an impossible task. Everybody should maintain natural light most efficiently. To satisfy the lighting purpose of the narrow and long space, drop down the heavy curtains of windows and use the lighter ones to prevent the dirt but not the light.

Maintain the light in long narrow living room

As the above image showed us that the light curtains are used with the l-shaped sectional sofa and the mattress is used as a coffee table, so that one can use them for their living and resting purposes and the same as a coffee table. Moreover, queen-size mattresses for under 500$, etc. can also be used in place of another mattress.

4. Use such paints which enhance and make more expansive

Paints in the living room are an essential thing to consider. It would be best to use such paints that give you a more comprehensive look and enhance your living room furniture rather than give you a narrow look.

One can also choose a bold paint color for that purpose, like yellow, red, blue, dark grey, etc.

Except for the bold paints of the walls, a neutral personality can also use white and cream color paints.

paints which enhance and make more expansive in long narrow

As we discovered in the image above, the dark green pellet is used, which is considered the best paint for the living room and kitchen, etc. Rooms and houses with long and narrow architecture are tricky to settle out. But for one’s ease, we reviewed the best ideas for designing the long narrow living room. Good luck

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